Planisfer is the leading Walloon Short-Haul Rail Operator (SHRO).

We operate on the entire network of the provinces of Hainaut and Namur and aspire to boost the modal part of rail transport by providing efficient and innovative logistics solutions.


Why rail?

Opting for rail transport means choosing a green, efficient and sustainable solution. Rail transport is 8 times more ecological than road transport. In transporting your goods by rail you help to decongest traffic on our roads as well as the collective effort to reduce CO2 emissions.

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Who we are?

The leading Short-Haul Rail Operator in Wallonia, Plansifer is a brand of Lineas SA. This dual parentage enables us to operate as a neutral transport organiser whilst capitalising on the rail logistics expertise of our parent company.

Our mission

Revitalise rail freight to achieve the modal shift

The environmental impact and sustainability of logistics solutions constitute the economic and political focal point nowadays. Our role, as a Short-Haul Rail Operator, is to provide a complete, sustainable and attractive logistical alternative to road transport, based on two priority planks:
  • Develop the share of rail transport by industrialists already connected to rail by facilitating the use of this mode of transport, thanks to flexible and efficient local operations (manoeuvres, services) and by providing all rail-related services.
  • Attract new customers by providing efficient end-to-end transport solutions thanks to the development of multi-modal services (road - rail).

Our means and resources

The competence of our staff is our main winning asset. Planisfer operators boast recognised expertise in the field and apply the highest safety standards. They work day in and day out on the rail connections of the region, including all SEVESO (dangerous industrial) sites.

Our teams use Vossloh T77 mixed diesel locomotives, which are ideal for serving complex industrial sites.

Equipped with TBL1+ safety systems, they can run on the entire Belgian network.

Our offer

Local transport

Planisfer operates on all the rail sites of the provinces of Hainaut and Namur. Read more ...

Rail services

The management of a rail link involves a large number of typical rail activities. Planisfer provides all these services to its connected customers so that the latter can concentrate on their core activity. Read more ...

Door-to-door logistics solutions

Whether you are linked to its network or not, Planisfer provides door-to-door transport solutions on the national and international level. Read more ...

1) Rail link service

Planisfer has an extensive network of operational centres. We serve the main industrial centres in the region, so we can organise the exchange of wagons with Long-Haul Rail Operators at places that guarantee minimal door-to-door logistical cost.

2) Isolated wagons

In addition to the positioning of full wagonloads, Planisfer operates a local network of isolated wagons from the hubs of Saint-Ghislain and Chatelet. We offer regular service from those two marshalling yards to all the rail links in the region.

Our different services:

Training and certification

We provide specific training courses to meet the needs of your staff and can certify them through our own Rail Training Institute.

Our Rail Training Institute.

On site

We can provide the personnel and traction resources needed for the operations on your site, such as help with (un)loading wagons, internal traction, dispatching or administrative management.

Mobile wagon maintenance and repair teams

Our mobile maintenance and repair teams stand ready to intervene rapidly wherever necessary.

Expertise for your infrastructure

Maintaining a rail infrastructure requires specific skills. Plansifer provides high level technical expertise and can advise you about the investment and maintenance works to be carried out.

Infrastructure – Traction on tracks out of service

Supervising or supplying an infrastructure site requires running on a rail track where the safety systems have been deactivated. Very specific skills are required to guarantee the safety of all parties concerned. Planisfer has a team of trained drivers capable of supervising your work trains.

Stabling wagons

Production cycles generate periods of less sustained production, entailing reduced transport needs. So stabling wagons outside the production site becomes crucial. Planisfer has two wagon stabling sites at Saint Ghislain and Châtelet. We see to the stabling of wagons, technical inspections and manoeuvres needed for the re-composition of the train sets when production picks up again.

Rail logistics

1) Complete trains (as of 800 tonnes per consignment)

Transport by complete train or full train loads is the most suitable transport solution for sizeable volumes. Accordingly, Planisfer is already at the centre of a full train network with destinations in many European countries.
Thanks to its parent company Lineas, Planisfer can provide full-load transport solutions depending on your destinations, irrespective of the type of goods: from chemicals to steel, via aggregates or cars.

2) Isolated wagons (for consignments under 800 tonnes)

Does the size of your consignments stand in the way of purchasing complete trains? The isolated wagon may be the solution for your needs. Particularly suitable for international transport, the isolated wagon provides an adaptable and flexible transport solution. Planisfer has daily connections with the international hubs of Antwerp (BE) and Tergnier (FR), which are themselves linked with the main European isolated wagon load networks. You can thus access all European destinations, even for reduced or irregular sized consignments.

Multi-modal logistics

You do not have a rail link? Planisfer is linked with many multi-modal platforms throughout the territory that provide transport by truck as well as transhipment on wagons. Furthermore, logistics operators have extensive skills that enable them to provide a wide range of related services.

New developments

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